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Quality Policy

At South West Aviation, quality underpins everything from our core business principles, corporate strategy, service delivery to our culture. This guides us in what we do and how we do it to ensure that everyone at South West Aviation consistently delivers a high-quality service safely, professionally, and compliantly to the many clients worldwide who choose South West Aviation for their operational flight and logistics support every day.

Quality at South West Aviation is also about developing and maintaining trust with our clients, suppliers, industry contacts and authorities. Everyone at South West Aviation has an integral part to play in this. Our Quality Policy drives our commitment to our clients to exceed their expectations and to never compromise on safety, compliance, and Quality.

Our Quality objectives are:

  • To adopt and promote a quality culture within the company to continually review and improve our service delivery output.

  • To continually challenge our quality procedures and standards to guarantee safety and compliance throughout every element of our flight and logistic support.

  • To actively encourage ownership and accountability of Quality responsibility among all South West employees through the adequate provision of training, support, standard setting and communication.

  • To comply with all relevant industry laws and regulations and ensure that all company policies are effectively enforced.

The senior South West Aviation management team are fully committed to providing the required leadership and resources to deliver fully on our Quality objectives. We will archive these objectives through the provision of effective communication, employee engagement, training and support where required.

This commitment includes keeping our Quality objectives and results under regular scrutiny and ensuring our Quality policy is reviewed annually.

The Quality Policy at South West Aviation is implemented through the application of our Quality Management System. This incorporates the applicable company technical and administrative operating policies, those of our clients and the relevant legal and regulatory requirements

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